LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner Reveals The Importance Of Body Language, Mistakes Made Out Of Fear, And One Time He Really Doubted Himself

Excellent @businessinsider interview with Jeff Weiner

Hal Mumme: Godfather of college football

HAL MUMME, THE not-quite-forgotten genius of college football’s modern era, wants to show me the spot where William Travis died defending the north wall of the…

You Will Weep and Know Why: A Football Game in Mississippi

After sunset on a cool Friday evening in November 2005, two high school football teams played a game in Water Valley, Mississippi. Unless you were a player,…

A Rising Guitarist Tries a New Challenge -

Read this. Listen to the record. Enjoy.

The German Defector

In the spring of 1943, Kim Philby learned that a young German named Erich Vermehren had turned up in Lisbon, where his mother was working as a journalist, and…

The Wet Stuff

A very ambitious story about waterparks on the website

Why Is Peter Thiel Pessimistic About Technological Innovation?

Why is @PeterThiel pessimistic about technological innovation? His evidence collected here: cc @pmarca @tylercowen

Trial by Fire - The New Yorker

The fire moved quickly through the house, a one-story wood-frame structure in a working-class neighborhood of Corsicana, in northeast Texas. Flames spread along…

The Lost City of Z - The New Yorker

In the summer of 1996, rains flooded the Amazon, rendering it virtually impenetrable. Bridges were swept away, and, amid vast stretches of mud, small holes…

Keith Olbermann eviscerates Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, and pretty much everyone else remotely involved. Brutal, and deserved.  

The Possibilian - The New Yorker

When David Eagleman was eight years old, he fell off a roof and kept on falling. Or so it seemed at the time. His family was living outside Albuquerque, in the…

At Home, Kinda, With Ryan Adams

At Home, Kinda, With Ryan Adams

Rand Paul: 'I Am Not an Isolationist'

Some pundits are surprised that I support destroying the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) militarily. They shouldn’t be. I’ve said since I began…

Peter Thiel's Contrarian Strategy

The tech financier and intellectual provocateur has some ideas that may turn you off. But there’s no arguing with his commercial achievements. That’s why…

The Ryan Adams Conundrum: How Many Incredible Unreleased Albums Does He Have, and Does That Hurt the Ones That Do Come Out?

Wrote about one of my faves, @TheRyanAdams, his new LP, and the LPs he never put out: